Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Sunday Football

No poker today,just footie,Set off from Sunny Blackpool on the 12:28 to Manchester Piccadily to that Mecca that is Middle eastlands, not a bad atmosphere but not as buzzing as usual..............still "we've got Robinho". Absolute quality game and a hatrick from the country's most expensive player (how weird is that in the same sentence as Manchester City)and it could have been more, though to be honest Stoke were not really at the game. Weather shite..........no surprise in Manchester then, and got piss wet through, still cracking result.

Sunday, 26 October 2008

"I had a feeling"

Down to just over $19.........because of this little gem and her comment above Hand #7487520705 begins at 2008/10/26 Dealing down cards Dealt to fubsy63 [Td 8d] Uwe73 posts the small blind of $0.02 Imagin333 posts the big blind of $0.04 meisterf folds.Svobodenho folds. partyjochen folds. Zemortas calls $0.04. debbs999 raises to $0.18. Zen32 folds. MachoMarocha folds.f ubsy63 calls $0.18. Uwe73 folds. Imagin333 folds. Zemortas calls $0.14. Dealing Flop [Ad 5c 4d] Zemortas checks. debbs999 bets $0.57. fubsy63 raises to $2.75, and is all-in. Zemortas folds. debbs999 calls $1.68, and is all-in. Dealing Turn [5h] Dealing River [7s] debbs999 shows [2h Kd]debbs999 has One Pair, Fives fubsy63 shows [Td 8d]fubsy63 has One Pair, Fives debbs999 wins $4.85

Saturday, 25 October 2008

OK enough now..........

I Knows its micro limit but...............What am doing wrong here,any constructive comments welcome? Hand #7486885336 begins at 2008/10/25 Dealing down cards Dealt to fubsy63 [8s 8d] kobson124 posts the small blind of $0.02 Svobodenho posts the big blind of $0.04 KoNNsEnSyS folds.ProudEagle_ calls $0.04. fubsy63 raises to $0.16. bosja4ka calls $0.16. kobson124 folds. Svobodenho folds. ProudEagle_ folds. Dealing Flop [9d 9h Th] fubsy63 bets $0.30. bosja4ka calls $0.30. Dealing Turn [6s] fubsy63 bets $0.72. bosja4ka raises to $1.88, and is all-in. fubsy63 calls $1.16. Dealing River [Tc] fubsy63 shows [8s 8d] fubsy63 has Two Pair, Tens and Nines bosja4ka shows [Js Ac] bosja4ka has Two Pair, Tens and Ninesbosja4ka wins $4.55

Party Poker Bonus

Have had a Party poker account for ages, but not played much on there and bugger all cash, checked today and i got a $10 bonus........yippeeee. So in keeping with other bloggers I've seen am gonna try and run it up a little, hopefully up to a $1k, managed to get up to the heady heights of $23.30 at 02c/04c ha ha so a way to go. ***** Hand History for Game 7486052509 ***** $5 USD NL Texas Hold'em Saturday, October 25, 18:36:59 GMT 2008Table Table 127738 (Real Money) Seat 10 is the button Total number of players : 6 Seat 5: popilul ( $6.76 USD ) Seat 8: roland503 ( $5.68 USD ) Seat 10: aisaku ( $5 USD ) Seat 6: minfaster ( $1.92 USD ) Seat 2: fubsy63 ( $5.10 USD ) Seat 9: ESTK007 ( $2.19 USD ) fubsy63 posts small blind [$0.02 USD]. popilul posts big blind [$0.04 USD]. ** Dealing down cards ** Dealt to fubsy63 [ Ad Kd ] minfaster calls [$0.04 USD] roland503 folds ESTK007 calls [$0.04 USD] aisaku foldsfubsy63 calls [$0.02 USD] popilul checks ** Dealing Flop ** [ As, 2c, 3h ] fubsy63 bets [$0.12 USD] popilul folds minfaster folds ESTK007 calls [$0.12 USD] ** Dealing Turn ** [ Jh ] fubsy63 bets [$0.38 USD] ESTK007 calls [$0.38 USD] ** Dealing River ** [ 4h ] fubsy63 bets [$0.83 USD] ESTK007 is all-In [$1.65 USD] fubsy63 calls [$0.82 USD] fubsy63 shows [ Ad, Kd ]a pair of Aces. ESTK007 shows [ 5h, 6c ]a straight Two to Six.ESTK007 wins $4.24 USD from the main pot with a straight, Two to Six.

Friday, 24 October 2008

WOW I love this game.............I think

***** Hand 1291113213 ***** 0.05/0.10 Texas Hold'em (No Limit ) - Friday, October 24, 2008 6:02:23 PM Turbo TH 85 (Real /Cash Game ) Seat 1: kozlík (0.54) Seat 2: dubomary (9.21) Seat 4: lestatt (3.50) Seat 5: bobbino (1.98) lestatt post BB 0.10 ** Deal ** kozlík [N/A, N/A] dubomary [N/A, N/A] lestatt [N/A, N/A] bobbino [5s, 5c] *** Bet Round 1 *** bobbino All-in 1.98 kozlík Fold dubomary Fold lestatt Call 1.98 *** Flop(Board): *** : [Qh, 7h, Kh] *** Turn(Board): *** : [Qh, 7h, Kh, 10h] *** River(Board): *** : [Qh, 7h, Kh, 10h, Ah] *** Showdown *** : Rake: 0.19 Total Pot: 3.77 kozlík Fold Win: 0.00 dubomary Fold Win: 0.00 lestatt [Jh, As] Royal straight flush Win: 3.77 bobbino [5s, 5c] Ace high flush Win: 0.00

Poker Sabbatical

Seems ages since I updated this on-line ramble, and seeing that there seems to be a few more bloggers (and frankly a damn site more interesting) on A world of poker,I thought I would update it Well I sort of took a poker sabbatical, not played much just tho odd game here and there but am firmly back. I felt, for what ever reason that my confidence had gone and so my game would suffer, and it did.......not greatly but enough that I needed to stop and re group my thoughts. I'm currently back with the bottom feeders of .5c/10c cash tables, just trying to qualify for the 100k sat and the 25k freeroll, only 500 and 1500 raked hands needed!!!!.