Sunday, 26 April 2009 far

so here we are and coming to the end of another month,and to be honest have played little poker of late. Although Ive not had too bad a month, I would have liked to have qualified for the monthly 10k freeroll but cant see that happening. now that I am sort of getting to grips with pokertracker above is my graph for the current month of April on cash on Virgin, I know its not massive figures but I dont play some of the higher stakes like some...........anyway I hope it continues lol.

Tuesday, 21 April 2009

V Points Sat

Hmmmm..........I just cant understand whats going on, I seem to be doin ok at poker. Now I know this will be a kiss of death, but I'm also enjoying my poker too, maybe its because I had a nice long break. Long may it continue is what I say. Anyway, Played the V Points sat tonight and finished 4th, so entry into the 100k V Points final and 2700 points 4 me

Monday, 13 April 2009


Hope everyone took advantage of the cracking weather and had a great Easter, Managed a half decent round of Golf, although I'm thinking its only a temporary abberration until the shank monster and topping fairy get back from their Easter break. Playing in the AWOP VIP silver sats tonight, other than that not played too much poker of late apart from some low buy in MTTs and cashed for small money, but hey profit is profit.

Friday, 10 April 2009

Close but no cigar

Tried to win a seat to the Manchester GUKPT event via the pokerplayer freeroll on Bluesquare, well I was close, just hope I didnt look too much of a donk to any of the railers. Will have to try and win a seat to the Blackpool leg as I have a satellite ticket for my 3rd place finish.

Wednesday, 8 April 2009


Well, not being a computer Whizz.........well I can build em and do some things I decided to play with the HTML code of this blog, just so it fits better on the page.............hope it worked, any feed back greatly appreciated. Now to the poker, I need to improve my game but I have one big problem, my ambition is miles ahead of my ability, and no matter what I read and information I try to absorb I still make stupid mistakes???. I have thought of signing up to some poker tuition sites but I cannot justify the monthly cost of these from my poker winnings,not at the moment anyway,even tho most have a free sign up period. My game needs something, I know that much!!

Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Wow.........A new post

Well its been a while..................and not much to report on the poker front as Ive not played any,apart from 2 0r 3 games in the last 6 weeks,due to in part it battering my head. have got the AWOP silver sat to look forward to and am slowly getting back into cash games albeit low stakes again. I think I may concentrate on some low buy in sats to bigger comps as I deffo need more Live experience. Away from poker,my golf game is still shite,lol, not that it was anything other than shite...still if at first and all that bollocks. oh and the campaign to save the Vulcan managed to raise the money, so she lives to fly another day.