Sunday, 23 August 2009

Cooling Down

The title refers to my legs,as I've had a little bit of sun burn,well quite a lot really after havng got back from visiting my mate and his wife who live in Spain. I managed to play some golf on a cracking course over there,however it was 31deg on a cloudless day and no shorts and T shirt,OOPS. Travelled with Ryanair(think Dick Turpin of the in flight food world) out to Spain and flew back with Jet2(Dick Turpin with a conscience.just) Managing my diabetes quite well and getting my head round twice daily insulin injections,oh and the eyesght seems to have settled down and can see pretty much as well as before,if not better. On the poker front I played a $1 WCOOP sat on stars, and made it to the next round and won some cash that I have better vision will now get back to donating at an online poker site with more regularity.

Sunday, 2 August 2009

Finally a new post

Well its been a while............Have finally got round to putting a new post together,basically I haven't played too much poker apart from the odd cash game and the odd tournament because I haven't had the inclination and after recently being diagnosed with type1 diabetes my eyes are shot to shit and couldn't see to bloody play,oh that and feeling like shit is not really condusive to playing. any way,on an upnote now that i can see to play I have qualified for the 100k freeroll on stars so a bubble finish is on the cards then lol,will post my success or otherwise as soon as. Am hoping to get back in the poker groove soon and playing more.