Monday, 26 January 2009

Running Bad

I have to say that this is the worst weekend I have ever had, not only by my bad calls with AA and KK and donating big style,but some of the donk play of others. I started the weekend playing .12c/25c and ended at .5c/.10c and got creamed at that too. as per below Hand #1426835525 begins at 2009/01/26 Dealing down cards Dealt to bobbino [Jd Th] turla posts the small blind of $0.05 wallerobot posts the big blind of $0.10 Allisnice folds. rawi84 folds. steph44 calls $0.10. neyzan folds. bobbino raises to $0.40. PingStar folds. snoofie1 folds. turla calls $0.35. wallerobot folds. steph44 calls $0.30. Dealing Flop [6d Jh Ah] turla checks. steph44 checks. bobbino bets $1.30. turla folds. steph44 calls $1.30. Dealing Turn [Td] steph44 checks. bobbino bets $2.77, and is all-in.steph44 calls $2.77. Dealing River [8h] steph44 shows [7s 9h]steph44 has Straight, Jack High bobbino shows [Jd Th]bobbino has Two Pair, Jacks and Tens steph44 wins $8.97

Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Worse day

Well after posting about being like an ATM apparently I am one, as some thieving c@nt has cloned my bank card and made off with a sizeable wedge of cash, so am now going through the labourious process of getting my cash back,after having cancelled my cards..........fookin nightmare. hope they die horribly. still at last the poker seeems to be getting better despite the poor frame of mind at the moment,hope it I could do with the cash lmao.

Friday, 16 January 2009

Grind,Grind and Grind some more

Still grinding at the lower levels with the odd foray up a level when I think my state of mind warrants it,which is not often after some of the horrendous calls and miracle outdraws of late. Anyway, enough bleating...........for now. Managed to qualify for the Silver play-off for a £500 live buy in event through the AWOP VIP club through playing raked hands,so fingers crossed for that. Also managed the final of the V points final after finishing 3rd in the satellite and winning 3000 V points.....get in. Oh and off topic...City may be buying Kaka for £107 million,and if the press and everyone is to be believed,ruining football ha ha ha,how short a memory do people have err Chelski anyone or united a la ince and Veron.

Sunday, 4 January 2009

Bad Day

There really are times when you should just switch off your computer and not attempt to rival the exploits of a barclays ATM,and give out cash when requested. After suffering one too many miracle outs appearing on the river for my opponents, like calling an all in on turn with 2nd pair against my straight to hit higher straight, I proceeded headlong into tilt central. Its not a great place to be and managed to undo any gains I made in the first days of the New Year,today however with a better frame of mind things have gone slightly better and am clawing it back. Oh and City were knocked out of the F.A. Cup by Forest, I should have gone to the match in it would have only cost me about £40 but the feeling of despair and loss would still be the same. Oh well,least I've got the milllion on Stars tonight to look forward to.

Thursday, 1 January 2009

Happy New Year

Just to wish everyone a happy and poker prosperous New Year. I ended the final day of December 2008 with a nice little profit,and hope this continues in 2009, we will see.